Professional Pilatus PC12 Flight Training

Executive Flight Training is a small flight school that I started in 1986 while I was a Captain/Check Pilot with US Airways. For the last ten years, I have specialized in Pilatus PC12 flight training on a one to one basis. No large classes or training with pilots at a different experience level. I offer training to pilots that have come to the realization that a cookie cutter approach to training is not appropriate for them. Many of my clients have attended big name simulator schools only to find that the simulator doesn’t replicate their avionic suite. As an alternative, I offer the best Pilatus PC12 flight training available in your airplane on an accelerated, flexible, and affordable basis. I avoid the distractions or delays of a large flight school and my program is always individualized to your experience level. As an experienced Pilatus PC12 instructor with over 10,000 hours of instructional experience, I avoid trivial information and emphasize safety and operational efficiency. And to be honest, no matter where you go for training, the quality of the training experience is directly related to the quality of the instructor. Finally, I train at your convenience and on your schedule. My priorities are:
  • Training safer pilots through superior instruction in their own aircraft by utilizing their own avionics.
  • Conferring useful tips and techniques learned from teaching hundreds of Pilatus PC12 pilots.
  • Exceeding FAA or insurance requirements for initial or recurrent in the minimum amount of time.
  • Offering an economical alternative to simulator schools without sacrificing quality.
Regardless of your experience level, you will leave here a better and safer pilot than when you arrived. Doug Carmody Executive Flight Training